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This is a sub-selection from regarding the Littleton area


reply to FarmerBob

Re: regarding the Littleton area

Thanks for popping back in here to post this reply,.. I really appreciate it! So far, Colorado - especially the Littleton area - has the weather and lifestyle that our family is looking for. We live in Portland, OR now,. so the changing weather is par for the course here (we say the same thing about weather hear, "wait five minutes..."). but the difference is, it's either cloudy and rainy or cloudy and cold.. and we do have a nice spring/summer season (combined) that make up 3 months of the year (yeah, exactly why we want to move!)..

Thanks again for the feedback. I'm planning on taking the family vacation in early April to come and see the area and get a first hand glance at the lifestyle, schools, etc.. really excited!

Have a great Christmas and New Years.. and thanks once again.


Wish i could get better service than CL but they are the only ISP in my area so i am forced to deal with crappy service. No other ISP is wanting to extend out here so I am doomed to crappy service i guess.


Littleton, CO
I had Xfinity installed yesterday and it's great!! Best move I have ever made. Install was easy, speed is 3X faster down and 6X faster up at a 1/4 of the price.

Buh Bye Qwest/CL. It's been . . .


but who services that there is no other ISP providers in my area i have checked around and none other than dialup.


reply to FarmerBob
comcast is not in my area only CL


Littleton, CO
reply to revive
I live between Ken Caryl & Columbine (great family friendly neighborhood as well btw) and I have the exact opposite situation. Just got CL today a cancelling the X. As I speak I have both today, and my Qwest/CL blows away xfinity/comcast. got a great deal on the the whole CL/DTV package for a whole year to! I just posted a review on it to under the comcast reviews. FYI though, connection Quality/Speed is completely just a matter of where you're located and how new/upgraded that area is.
This is a sub-selection from regarding the Littleton area