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reply to anonnymiss

Re: Um

said by anonnymiss :

User 1 gets 99% of the total bandwidth. User 2 gets 1%.

Tell me again how User 1 isn't "hogging" the entire line?

How can you claim such statements like that when internet packages offered to users are just a fraction of bulk bandwidth available from the ISP?

User 1 isn't hogging the line. It's the ISP fault for overselling its capacity which could only accommodate 1 user.

It gets all clogged up as soon as ONLY 1 user starts occupying?

Don't you think the ISP is selfish for trying to oversell beyond what its network could handle?

Your example is just an example of a 1:2 contention. In the real world, greedy ISPs could oversell their lines by several folds.

If you ask me, the users are the victims of the ISP's greed. As an ISP you're responsible to furnish a fair deal to your customers.If you expect users to fit in your bandwidth saving idea then you deserve a bad rating for being dishonest.

To me, the reason why they started the bright idea of volume capping was because they wanted to increase contention in order to rake in more profits.


Little Rock, AR

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well I can give you my side of it and please let me know how far off I am.

when dsl and comcast were first starting everyone was happy to NOT have to mess with dialup. As time went by everyone was content and the isp's saw drops in their cost and making more each year.
Then here comes cell phones and the idiots that don't mind paying $200 a month to use their iphones and overages out the ass etc.

Yep the morons spending $2000 + a year to use a phone is killing any thought of a smart consumer.
Maybe they just checked the facts and learned that America is now 24th in the world in education.

I really think that they said hey we make more with these idiots so lets do the same with our internet services. Rape them more and more and watch them pay more and more. WEEEEEEE this is fun

what all of the isp's want is $1 a meg for internet service and they will be happy.
NO MORE CAPS, NO MORE OVERAGES this way we have handled all the problems and again everyone is happy.

Hey lets do that first on the phones then move it to the internet.
YEP we don't have to upgrade, overselling and slow speeds are fine and again the co makes billions and the customer gets F'd ..

have a problem, spend a little in washington and make it illegal to bitch.
Wait they already did that.

Don't you think the ISP is selfish for trying to oversell beyond what its network could handle?
TRUE -- check all the forms and I can't do anything in the evening.
This is a sub-selection from Um