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Om Nom Nom

Lincoln, NE
reply to Ramikor

Re: [Lore] A place for Blizzardized History

As did I but navymaverick seems intent on keeping it going and I can't tell when he is being serious or when he isn't.
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Ah, you mean his post asking about the pandas! Well, I suppose while it started with a play on Pearl Harbor Day, blizzardized history doesn't have to end with Menethil Harbor Day.

The Pandarans are a highly religious people, whose culture was the foundation of three major world religions. In the far ancient past they were conquered and enslaved by the forefathers of the Undead, and they spent many generations in slavery. However, a prophet rose up among them, and after a series of miracles, forced the Undead King to free his people.

The Pandarans eventually conquored a small country in their ancestral homelands, but thousands of years later were conquored and again dispersed. After the second great war they re-established themselves in their ancestral homeland, surrounded by enemies. They maintain their existence only by every Pandaren being highly trained in military arts.