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Walnut Creek, CA
reply to jseymour

Re: [Rant] Leaving Comcast..... if they'll let me go...

First of all, in my building, all wiring leading to the jack (or splitter if there are two or more jacks -- but there's only one in my unit) is supposed to be owned and maintained by Comcast. Since I only have one jack -- and I don't really even have that, a wire that comes through my bedroom wall, runs along the baseboard, then through the wall into my living room, then to a splitter. That means I should only be responsible for the cables on the output end of that splitter.

Yes, I know that typically the cable leading up to the grounding block to which the customer's cable connects is the last thing Comcast owns and maintains. Since the cable node is building-mounted here, grounding is done there and there are no individual grounding blocks, thus the nonstandard arrangement with my building, wherein Comcast owns and maintains everything up to the first user connection (splitter or jack in the unit).

My bad cable? Outside, 15 feet below my unit, a good 40ft before that splitter. That's supposed to be Comcast's responsibility.

Aside from that, what the provider says DOES matter. If the provider says it should be fixed at no charge, then proceeds to charge for fixing it, there's a problem. Also, AT&T (they haven't been SBC in years) has the same agreement in my building; they own the wiring to the jack. Astound (cable and phone, reselling both AT&T and Comcast services) has the same, as well.

Further, I've never had a problem with AT&T regarding credits. They've always, over the past 11 years of which I've been their customer, followed through with their word. I do admit that not paying that bill (at leas not looking at the next bill right when it came out) was my mistake, I said so in my original post. However, this has never been an issue for me with AT&T in 11 years as a wireless customer and a combined 5 years as a DSL subscriber at various locations.

Further to my point, AT&T is willing to make payment arrangements with me when things come up; Comcast is not. Ask *me* how *I* know.

If my experience with AT&T is any guide, I've been doing fine with them for 11 years now.