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DSL comparison is fraud again

from the article:
"We have advanced satellite technology to the point that satellite can now be a better alternative for broadband Internet than DSL, and 3G / 4G wireless offerings for fixed home use....
Here we thought that Viasat was going to stop the false advertising that Wildblue kept doing. Satellite is not DSL. It will never be. DSL at 1.5Mbps should still be faster that a 3Mbps satellite package, due to latency, traffic shaping and daily monthly bandwidth caps on satellite. A lot of reviews exist of people who got wildblue, when DSL was at the door, and the flaws of satellite became very apparent(2 weeks in and FAP in effect for two weeks after exceeding paltry bandwidth limits).

Of course cell phone wireless bandwidth limits is still a ripoff, as low caps keep the providers from having to string fiber to every cell tower, including lots of extra arrays to deal with all the data connections that would result from lower bandwidth used pricing.


I'm still waiting for fibre at home.. only two-blocks to go! How about it SureWest it's all I want for Xmas!