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Woodbridge, VA
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Re: Price will be my deciding factor

said by newview:

said by aaronwt:

netflix currently charges $8 for streaming which is a good deal for the content they have. I don't see how another service could go much lower without losing alot of money.

When Netflix had their price changes, my price went down 6.5% not up 60%.(I had disc rentals with BD and streaming)

I had BOTH streaming and 1 DVD mailed at a time for $7.99 a month. Netflix upped the price FOR THE SAME EXACT SERVICE to $15.98 a month. AFAIC, they doubled the price of each.

I had the eight out plan when the price changes took effect. The 8 out and 7 out plans with streaming saw price decreases (for the same exact service)and the 6 out with streaming(maybe the 5 out too, not sure) stayed the same price.