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Killen, AL

Bigger Cash Cow

Another example of rural market goes by the way side and the metro areas are a bigger cash cow. This could have been good for areas that does not have other choices, but here we see the same old story of the rural areas playing second fiddle. Sounds like the old Wimax letdown.



Exactly. AT&T has been pissing on us rural customers for a long time, and now Verizon is doing the same. AT&T refuses to provide most of its rural customers with any semblance of DSL, so many of us had been hoping that Verizon would come out with a better priced, much higher capped LTE service, but that idea is gone. Comcast is doing no better, by only offering digital cable and no internet access.

On top of all of this, the aging telephone system is showing how much of a failure AT&T really is. My phone line has been down all day, with a horrible squelching sound and a dead line. AT&T tells me that is might be, possibly fixed by, Saturday, hopefully. Either the 50 year old system has finally died, someone has wrecked into the closest junction box, or someone is stealing copper.

Either way, we are now without home phone service, AT&T Wireless does not dare offer proper wireless coverage(though Verizon does), so we are completely without a means of communications. This is not to mean it is "the end of the world", I am just pissed off that I am without something I am paying for, and these huge companies, which all take loads of money from me, refuse to offer me a solutions for proper, stable internet access that the rest of the metro Atlanta Area has.

I am tired of listening to the talk, and reading "bold words" on random internet sites. I want a company to come out here, and all of the other rural areas, and start offering us the services that we have been supporting for the urban and suburban areas for many years. It is time that a good portion of our money come back to serve us, rather than people that are already over-served.