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Canonsburg, PA
reply to flashcore

Re: I would have been intersted in the LTE Home Service

said by flashcore:

I beg to differ, I get more then the advertised speeds on my FiOS connection 24/7/365.

Fiber to the home is not only better it's in a different league than other technologies.
If the U. S. Of A. had a real national broadband plan it's goal would be to bring the availability of affordable fiber to 95%+ of our homes. We can't even imagine all the ways such infrastructure could improve our lives in the future but I won't be surprised if it is close to the difference made by either electricity or indoor plumbing.



The cantenna is a small LTE tower.
It would have given rural areas true high speed net and unmatched cell services. Each cantenna acts like a small cell tower. I would have loved it because hughes net stinks.

Also FTTH is not as great as you think. After 13 years in the communications and cable industry the best is FTTC (Fiber to the curb)pipeline and then coax to the home.
FTTH has limets because of cost and size.
Coax not so much.

If Verizon had done it I would have changed everything for them.