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Bon Aqua, TN


Why do all the providers insist on starting things in areas with TONS of competition already in place? They attempt to claim i'm rural, yet all the towers in the area are being hammered by the so called rural populace.. Can't say there is a bandwidth hog, not with throttling and low ass caps (even with unlimited your throttled after 5 gigs).

What the heck is wrong with people? Are colleges churning out retards to lead us? My god no wonder china is doing circles around us :-/


Martinsville, IN
I was really hoping on this as an option. The T1 really is over-rated, and this would have been a great option. I am just on the edge of LTE. Considering a month ago, Verizon was saying they would be offering Direct-TV installed fixed LTE, its hard to say how long until Verizon changes their tune. I would suspect that Verizon will eventually work out a deal to use the cable companies installers to do something similiar to what Directv was going to offer. Verizon has made it no secret that they intend to go back into the areas that they sold off the land lines and get that revenue back via wireless/LTE.