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Wheaton, IL
reply to BronsCon

Re: [Rant] Leaving Comcast..... if they'll let me go...

Just read your quotes from the FCC website. No where in there does it say that COMCAST owns the cable. It says that Comcast, can make you, or your landlord buy it. It does say that if they don't do that to either of you within 30 days, they can't make any further claims. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!, no where does it say that COMCAST owns it, or will own it, or has ever owned it. They stand behind the workmanship for 30 days, after that it's technically your landlord or property managements responsibility. It does say it's to be left there by COMCAST if you don't buy it, and they don't come rip it out in 30 days, to make it easier in your case for U-Verse, or if you move out for the next tenants and whatever they decide to use. I checked with my property management, while yes I live in IL, but they also have properties in CA. So unless your property owner has an agreement with COMCAST that states that COMCAST will maintain any and all wiring, which as of yet you've yet to provide, your post from the FCC while nice, is pointless to this conversation. FYI, I rent from AVALON, which has properties both in IL, & CA.


Walnut Creek, CA
·Comcast Business..
Just because I haven't scanned a copy of it (which I don't have, as it's on file in the rental office, but have read) and posted it here doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It's not a document signed by me specifically for my unit, so I doubt I'd be allowed a copy of it, especially for the purpose of posting here.

It was a stipulation in allowing three separate providers to each install their own wiring. Yes, there are two sets of cable jacks and two sets of phone jacks in each apartment. If you have U-Verse, both sets of cable and the Astound phone jacks are inactive; if you have Astound for cable and phone, the Comcast and AT&T jacks are inactive; if you have Comcast for cable and phone, the Astound and AT&T jacks are inactive. Of course, you can also have some combination of providers, as well, and the jacks from any unused provider would remain inactive. In this building, each provider owns their wiring and has agreed to maintain it, and there are agreements on file to that effect.

If you read my post IN CONTEXT, you'd understand that I was quoting where the FCC explicitly states that as a possibility, to counter rody_44's erroneous claim that, by federal law, such an agreement was not allowed.