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Idirect 3100 LED status in green

my provider asked to downgrade the firmware to 7_0_2 version
(it was on 12.0 ) , and load his option file
i succesfully did it with WINCspc .
the version now is 07_0_2. + option file loaded
but the modem back with the following LEDS
RX-steady green
STATUS - green on

and when i am onnecting by Putty - the LAT-LONG became with results [NOT AVAILABLE]

if i put the old option file ,i get result of the LAT-LONG (via putty )
and the STATUS LED is not on

what can be the issue ?
does anyone expirience the same ?
apprciate your help


Southington, OH
The status light function depends on teh firmware version 12.0 is an iDX version, which the status light is only lit during boot and in some special encrypted uplink cases, or at least this is what I've gathered. In normal instances, it should be out in this firmware version, that I am sure.

7.0.2 is an iDS version and a green status light is normal. Lat-Lon not available means it is not getting Geo. Location. On a stationary dish, this should be in the options file. On a mobile unit it is usually fed from the controllers GPS. It sounds like it's set as a mobile unit since I think, under 7.x firmware, stationary remotes will have the Tx light blink occasionally.

If you can Telnet in ('telnet 0' or 'telnet' from putty, username: admin, probably the same passwords as PuTTY), I'm not sure how from the shell, you can set the coordinates manually. The syntax is 'latlong lat N/S lon E/W' so for example in Houston Tx:

latlong 29.763 N 95.383 W
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