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New York, NY
reply to RamblinMan

Re: Formerly Unlimited (really) 3G card

Very interesting, thanks. Especially considering the fact that I'm in Manhattan too!

It's looking more and more like I may go with Wireless N WiFi. I've also been hearing rumors that Sprint may kill the unlimited 4G on their smartphones as well, though of course they're still denying that.

The telltale sign which makes me thing they're lying is the data count on my personal Sprint page.

When I first got these two accounts, the smartphone and the unlimited 4G modem, they kept NO running count at all of the data I downloaded on the 4G network, only the 3G network. Since I sorta wanted to track my usage, just to know what it was, you see, I called them about that. They said point-blank "no need to, since it's unlimited; why tie up our resources with something like that?"

I took that to mean that they really didn't give a you-know-what, and unlimited meant unlimited.

Well, about a month BEFORE they yanked the unlimited on the 4G modem, a 4G counter suddenly popped up on my account page for the unlimited 4G modem. And, of course, a month later they made the announcement that they were reneging on the unlimited 4G for the modem.

Well, here's the kicker: they've now instituted a 4G data counter on my personal account page for the smartphone as well! Not a good sign. They're still saying unlimited, but that's what they were saying a month ago with the unlimited 4G modem, so I'm getting a bad feeling about this.