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Saint George, UT

Someone knowledgeable in networking, please HELP!

I've had an ongoing ordeal that I haven't been able to resolve.

There are two issues with my connection.

The first is unstable ping. Even when I'm the only one using the internet. This connection is capable of 40 ms average to california and texas game servers. But it goes out of control and shoots up to 80,100,150,250 even 400+. At any given time it could be anywhere in that range. But it wasn't like that 5 months ago. Its been getting worse and worse.

The second is: a connection freeze. This is a period of about 2 or 3 seconds where no packets are sent or received. This occurs roughly every 60 seconds. I say roughly because it can be thrown off by 1-3 seconds but it will always eventually return to a 60 second interval. Strangely, when it does get thrown off. Those 1-3 seconds difference are taken away, not added to the 60 seconds. So it comes sooner, not later.

I have eliminated all possible causes that I can. I've tried different computers, different routers, wired instead of wireless. The owner replaced the radio, he replaced the POE. Nothing eliminates this once-a-minute cut out.

The owner (who is also the technician) assures me my situation is unprecedented. Nobody else is experiencing this. (not entirely sure I believe that)

He also tried pointing me to a different access point that had only 1 subscriber using it. Nothing changed.

The casual internet browsing, file downloading user probably wouldn't ever even notice this. But I am an online gamer. I play QuakeLive quite a bit. In that game, the effects of said issue is that my game stops completely, giving other players a chance to lay waste to me while I stand still. There is a netgraph you can bring up on the hud. What it looks like on the netgraph is a solid block of green and my ping reading will show 999 while this is happening.

I am not sure as to what kind of technology my ISP is. I think its fiber to the home. Perhaps maybe you can gather that from "POE", "Radio" and there is a dish on the roof that beams a signal to an access point.

The owner is willing to fix what's wrong but he has tried and cannot figure out what's causing this. I am on what's called a "burstable account" which gives you more bandwidth when you need it. I don't know if that could have anything to do with freezing my connection every 60 seconds.

Any insight as to a possible cause for such a thing whether it be a specific thing for a network engineer to look at on the network or just a negative trait of this type of ISP technology would be greatly appreciated. I just need some ideas! Please!!!

Milford, NH
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Doing end-to-end testing can be difficult since many things affect the result.

Rather then doing Ping try doing a traceroute (tracert in Windows) to the game server during good times and bad. Latency should slowly increase with hop count and distance. Unexplained jump typically means congestion at that hop or the previous one. Record the result and compare.

The other thing you can do is run a continuous Ping (use the -t switch cntrl C to quit) Open two command prompts and run ping to game server in one, and to stable site like this on in the other. Compare the result. If ping to this this site is stable while the one to the game server has high latency the problem is either the game server itself or routing between your ISP to the game server.

Ideally use a second PC to refine the tests so you eliminate issues with the gaming PC from affecting the result. Those tests and the good/bad traceroute ought to point you in the right direction.


Tombstone, AZ
reply to Jcanterb
Sounds like pure wifi conjestion to me.

When the acess point is not busy ( just a few users) you get good ping all of a sudden 30 or more people get on the acess point and the sharing starts bam your pings go up.

I bet the trecerts suggested above would verify that.
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I hope you can get your problem solved