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This is a sub-selection from nice review

Auburn, CA
·Wave Broadband

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Re: nice review

Great review! Great as in well explained version of my experiences with HughesNet. When I first had them, it was DirecPC (1990s) and upload was via dial-up! But, not even DSL was available for me back then in my area. While DirecPC had turned into DirecWay, a while after that (finally!), DSL (PACBELL|SBC\YAHOO|AT&T) came along, which turned out to be horrible (stable, but very slow), yet better than HughesNet, since no FAP\usage meter; and then cable came along, which has been excellent (now Wave Broadband). This was all over the course of many years until right now (w\ cable broadband only recently available & installed; cable TV has been available here since 1980s, though).

The HughesNet FAP makes contemporary interest use almost impossible, unless you barely do anything data-"heavy" online - like substantial work, or school files - or, much Netflix, Pandora, etc.

As an aside, in 1990s dial-up was more usable than it is now, because web sites were built for dial-up speeds and 1990s web development. It's not 100% the case that people have become less patient, since the internet has many more uses (more data) now than dial-up's prime-days. This is all really obvious, but occasionally someone does complain that dial-up should be enough for anyone.
This is a sub-selection from nice review