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J Jefferson3

reply to telcodad

Re: BBC World News

I knew everyone one would like this news, they been testing this off the grid for several weeks now in the Arlington, Alexandria and surrounding communities in that Region but I did not bring it up earlier because while the signals were good, the Negations were tough, BBC did ask for a lot of money, but because it was the 2nd most requested channel besides it mother ship channel BBC America, Comcast had to take the deal!!

There have been deals in the past for other previous channels that were broken up because some idiots leaks them to early and then the deal fall apart!! (By the way none of those were done by me anyway!!)

Plus with the Price Increases in just a Few days Comcast will have the Money to afford this anyway, it like you all ready paying for it now!!! I do know that at least for most of us on the East Coast when added it should be on channel 171 which used to be were The West coast of Flix was when Comcast removed most if not all of the West coast feeds several years ago!!

(However in most of central PA on channel 171, Flix W is still there because My region now never got those extra premiums in the first place, if i was in charge i just put in on 172 then, but Corporation make the decision when new channels get placed and when added so don't be surprised if that (Flex W) gets axed for the rest of Central PA and or all of Keystone Area)!!!!!

since i am here, BBC America Should go from Preferred to Starter in the Southern NEW Jersey S.A. areas on December 23, 2011, because of the holidays your going a little early!! since most of the work in your areas is all ready done!!! The rest should have this done by march at the latest when you get your limited basic analog removed, then get your 2 batches of new HD, (BBC America HD is in the First) (DIY HD is an example of the Second, but has not been made available yet other than Philadelphia itself yet!)

Comcast wants to gets this right, so do not be surprised if this gets a little slowed down, then we start in my area in March or when ever Freedom get done!) (While that is the plan for now, so if you do not like it, that too bad for you!!!)

P.S. and because of the Holidays, remember were not exactly go to be running at 100%, so please, be kind to the CSR's, they paid to follow their electronic script because that is what there paid to do, so do not yell at them at all, it is a waste of time, And corporate is getting sick of it, to the point that i should warn you, that it is rare but it could happen so i will tell you now, if anyone goes postal or goes off the wall, you will be kicked off, Tv is a privilege is is NOT a right!!) so please be very very careful, i only telling you this because there are stupid people in this world!!! So in case i do not get to post before Christmas (since i am working that period) i hope everyone has a Smart and SAFE holiday season!!!!!


Arlington, VA
Hey J Jefferson, good to read your post. I'm on the Arlington/Alexandria system and I'm very happy to have BBC World on the lineup. Looking forward to getting BBC America in HD next year. Also I mentioned this on another thread, but the channels for Ovation HD and Ovation SD are in the wrong spots. I remember when Ovation HD was added a few months ago I thought the channel looked like garbage and nothing was ever in HD. Then I scanned by ch. 155 where Ovation SD is supposed to be and saw that this is where the HD version of the channel is and it looks pretty good. I'm not so bothered by this that I want to call a CSR about, but if you have a contact down here, could you let them know? It would be nice to have the HD channels grouped together as they should be.


Philadelphia, PA
reply to J Jefferson3
BBC America Should go from Preferred to Starter in the Southern NEW Jersey S.A. areas on December 23, 2011

FWIW, BBCAmerica (114?) and BBCAmerica-HD (1225) are also now a part of the "Digital Economy" lineup in Center City Philadelphia.