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reply to Hall

Re: Give Creator of a Topic moderation rights to own Topic

said by Hall:

It is *expected* for other users to agree or object to requests that are made.

I have zero problem with other people who disagree with me; that is part of life.
said by Hall:

Answer this: If you had the power you ask for, would you have removed my previous post ?

Why would I have removed it? It was "on-topic", was it not?
said by therau2000:

2011-12-11 12:46:31 That being said, I understand where you are coming from; I will trust your judgment.

said by therau2000:

2011-12-13 14:38:41 My request for such a feature was denied though.

I initially thought my request was reasonable; fatness 2011-12-11 09:00:49 gave pretty good reasons and turned it down. I can live with that.

Spensergig: What point are you trying to make by beating a dead horse?

12 Step Program
If a topic gets too out of hand or off topic then you would use "Hey Mods". The moderator can either breakup and separate the thread into another or just lock the thread. The mods here are pretty efficient at their job.