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South Bend, IN

Looking for prepaid mobile broadband in Sarasota, FL

Renting a condo next year and am investigating prepaid mobile broadband service. Virgin looks attractive but based on reviews I've seen, about as many people hate it as love it. Wondering if it's worth a try. I would use the USB modem with a Windows 7 laptop.


Kansas City, MO

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I still use it as a backup access type with little to no problems.

It is a typical U.S. evdo 3g connection however so it has all the drawbacks of any U.S. evdo 3g connection, and virgin mobile I consider self service... do it all yourself via the website and avoid customer service.

When I do get throttled (on an old plan) my speeds are right around 256k up and down... give or take a few (assuming a non loaded tower).

edit: if you think you'll be using more than 2.5GB at full speed you might check into Millenicom. They re-sell sprint and verizon and offer more gigs per month.

They do have setup fees but you can come and go at will (no contracts), but those setup fees would add up if you turned service off and on a lot.

If you get a hold of a virgin mobile device for real cheap (they have been doing $39 sales on the mc760 etc) then it would be worth even for a couple months to see how the sprint towers are in the area Warning: avoid the "Peel" as it only has access to 1 plan

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