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San Jose, CA
reply to Trev

Re: Aastra logging

Isn't it quite stupid to have a hard requirement for an external syslog server in order to be getting even the most basic troubleshooting information?

The quality of the software of the phone is really a joke. Just recently, after configuring IPComms on Line 3, with OnSIP being the Global SIP, supposedly taking lines 1 and 2, the Aastra phone for some strange reason decided to assign Line 1 to IPComms after I played with some Transfer buttons between OnSIP and IPComms. Now OnSIP rings on Line 2, whereas IPComms rings on Line 1 and sometimes 3. (I still haven't rebooted since the bug appeared.) However, in the Admin → Status Information, it still shows Line 1 and 2 being OnSIP, and Line 3 being IPComms. However, in the Status field of that table that shows Line 1 and 2 being OnSIP (i.e. as it was configured to be, but not as it is after I played with the Transfer button), it does show the status of IPComms for Line 1 (e.g. it showed 408 for Line 1 and 3 today). Plus other bugs here and there, like inability to change passwords. Yes, I'm absolutely serious. You can't change the default admin/22222 password with the firmware that they ship! The interface is there, and it lets you change the password, except that it doesn't actually change any passwords! Plus they give out all your SIP passwords in the clear to anyone who can log in to the interface (with the default 22222 password, that is). And the pages of the interface don't load properly in Safari every two other times, unless you click on Reload. Honestly, I'm surprised how at this rate this Aastra phone works at all! (-: