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Vinton, IA

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[RANT] It pays to watch your bill.

I am sure that many people treat their cable/internet bill like any other utility bill. Ignoring the itemization details from month to month and simply paying the bill when due...


Back in April, when it was announced that Mediacom was going to start charging $5/mo for modem rental on May 01. I immediately went out and bought my own modem, and returned the original to MC.

My May bill shows a partial refund for the first 10 days of May that are technically part of the April billing cycle, and June has no charge for modem fee at all. After confirming that the modem fee had been removed, I never bothered to look at my bill again...

But this month (December) there was additional CableTV channel information bundled with the bill, making the envelope thicker than usual so I happened to look at it. I found that I was being charged $5 for modem rental, for that modem I returned back in April.

Looking back at my previous billing statements online, I found that I had been paying the modem rental since July. And July even had an additional charge for modem fee, post dated for a partial month of June ????

A quick call to MC billing department and a MAC address later appears to have straightened it all out. Modem removed, bills refunded. When my next bill arrives, we shall see if it is truely resolved, or if I have to escalate it to MediacomChad.

I really would like to know what happened back in June though...



Johnston, IA
Yeah, I had something similar happen to me. My wife handles the bills, and I got a peek at a Mediacom bill and noticed we were being charged for 3 cable boxes and only had 2. The way it is itemized on there is kind of convoluted and she missed it. Since it had been happening more than six months though, they only gave me six months of refund.
Lesson learned, ALWAYS check your bill and if you don't understand it, call.


reply to Tehrasha
Ya they did it to me also after I purchased my own modem. I called and had to argue with them even threatened to drop their service. You'de think they could get something that simple correct, but remember who we're dealing with.


Waterloo, IA
reply to Tehrasha
This should be SOP for ANY bill of services from ANY provider. I comb them each over with a fine tooth comb every bill cycle. I don't care if it is $0.25 or $25.00 that shouldn't be there. A lot of people pay no attention though, and companies make out like a fat cat.

As for billing issues, there are plenty of legendary companies in this department. I wouldn't rate Mediacom in the Top 10, when you consider the likes of Verizon, CenturyLink, etc.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
reply to Tehrasha
I do apologize this wasn't straightened out before. Definitely shoot me a message if the modem charge shows up on your next statement.