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Lodi, CA

Frequent disconnects

downloadsystem_log.txt 16,054 bytes
I've been experiencing frequent disconnects on my DSL line for at least six months, back when AT&T was my provider. I switched to Sonic a few months ago (the Elite level), and while I've been happy with them otherwise, I need to get to the bottom of this problem.

We can go a few days without any problems, but when the disconnects start, it's constant. We'll be connected for a couple minutes (at most), then it goes down, then back up, then down, etc.

The most recent about started on 2011-12-08. I thought maybe my NetGear WRT3500L router not playing nice with the Actiontec GT701D modem, but I took the router out of the setup and the disconnects continued. The problems persisted until 2011-12-11, then the connection was solid until tonight.

This is very frustrating and annoying. (Just ask my four-year-old, who really, really likes watching the old Spider-Man cartoon on Netflix!) Attached is the system log from the Actiontec for tonight. I see a SIGTERM that seems to coincide with the time the connection drops but I don't know what that means, exactly. I'll be happy to provide any modem settings or anything else that could be helpful in troubleshooting this. Thanks, everyone.

Santa Rosa, CA
You should ring support so they can open a trouble ticket.



Lodi, CA
I've called Sonic's support three times and have done the following based on their suggestions:

- Plugged the modem into the test jack where the phone line comes to the house. The tech said the signal/noise was good.

- Made sure there were no flickering halogen or fluorescent lights nearby.

- Unplugged the devices from the power strip and plugged them directly into the outlet.

- Tried different RJ11 cables and DSL filters/splitters.

- Unplugged the only telephone we have so only the modem was on the line.

- Tried both working phone jacks in the house, with and without the phone plugged in.

- Made sure no power cords were not touching the RJ11 cable.

I'm using an Actiontec GT701D modem and an Apple Airport Extreme Router. I have also used a Netgear WNR3500L (as part of the Sam Knows broadband reporting) and a loaner modem (can't recall the brand) that Sonic sent to see if the Actiontec was the problem. I've had the same connection problem with any combination of these four devices. I'm on an all-Mac network.

I'm 99% certain that the routers I've tried are not the problem because I never have a problem communicating between devices on the network.

So what else can I try? This is happening constantly, and I'll get a solid connection for a few hours at best. I really, really don't want to have to go to cable. Please help!


Castro Valley, CA
I would plug in the modem directly into your NID's test jack and leave it overnight then see in the morning if there are any problems. If there aren't any issues, try temporarily moving your wireless router there so you can use it for a day.

If Sonic says the signal/noise was good at the NID, the conclusion is there is some problem with your internal wiring. The only way to solve that is to inspect each wire and look for bad connections, kinks, nails banged through, etc. Or pull new wiring if your connection is stable at the NID. Maybe a rodent chewed on your wiring sometime in the past.