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The Lan Man
Greenville, SC
reply to signalfishin

Re: Load-balancing multiple wireless networks

said by signalfishin:

Could I run pfsense box with ethernet ports with Linksys routers on them instead of mini Pcie solution?

If im understanding what you are asking:

You want each port on the pFsense box to link to a "wlan router"(that pulls in a wlan signal) and have them load balanced and aggregated for the internal network...

This is easily done with pFsense the way I described. BUT!!

From your diagram, you have several wlan signals terminating into a single router.. You are then limited by the bandwidth of that router and no matter how many wlan signals you get, you will still only achieve the max speed of the radio of that unit!

Do you have any more information you can give us on what hardware you have to perform this function? Thats basically what it comes down to...
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