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reply to kspies007

Re: Problems with T1 data speeds (Cbeyond on Verizon wires)

The other possible issue is old, bad, worn out copper. Either at your premise or at the CO. I've dealt with this before quite a few times. Not sure what you can get them to do to have the copper upgraded, but it'll probably take a few more calls and complaints. 900 Kbps upload is completely unacceptable. I would complain about this till the cows come home

Even though a full T1 is technically supposed to be 1.544 Mbps down/up- with overhead you're more likely to get something in the range of 1.4 (give or take a few bits). But to have it all the way down to less than 1 meg?? I wouldn't accept that.

Assuming it's not issues with your equipment, bad copper, or just problems with the carrier's network- have you factored in that it could be because it's an IA T1, rather than a stand-alone data T1? As I'm sure you already know, bandwidth is used every time a phone call is made. This would of course explain the inconsistency. And perhaps when a call is ended for some reason the bandwidth is not reallocating properly. Sounds far fetched but just wanted to throw that out there.

Where are you in your contract term? Did it just start?

El Monte, CA
I have a feeling it's a line issue as well as our DSL connection used to be very problem-some. I'm not sure why Cbeyond isn't seeing errors on the circuit if it's a line issue (one tech said he saw some and then the next said it was ok, so maybe I'm not getting the complete story)? 1.3 would be acceptable to me so I'm not being greedy here, I just need the dropouts to stop as it affects the system so drastically. I understand the overhead for the lines and when I've been testing it the phones and network have been quiet. However, even with the phones the upload should not be affected differently.
We're in the 3rd month of a 2 year contract. So we'll either have to fight and get them to resolve or break the contract based on the SLA (both are big fights). One of the biggest challenges is that Cbeyond has no way to test the speed from the IAD itself. All they can do is ping it and check for errors. That's rather limited from my perspective.

I think that if we added a second T1 it would help a great deal as the bigger pipe would be more forgiving of the drop outs. They want another $200 for the bonded T1 and I think an acceptable solution fair to both of us would be $100 more for the 2nd T1 but as of yet they won't go for it.

If you have any thoughts as to how to get them to deliver I would be greatly appreciative.
Thanks everyone