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Franklin Square, NY
reply to robjlevin

Re: [HD] FCC Rules on Verizon Access to MSG HD

Thanks Rob. So taking that into account and the fact you said it won't be anywhere near 100,000 subs, then it might end up a wash with the money involved, but CV would still lose on PPV and On Demand from subs and just by going down in numbers with subs wouldn't look good, they don't want that even if the money ends up being the same.


Millington, NJ
In the end it might cost them some subs, but don't forget, VZ isn't exactly winning any popularity contests with their billing issues and missed appointments. People do switch from FiOS to competitors.

As I said earlier, inertia rules. How many people do you think buy these services for anything other than price? The percentage is miniscule.

I had a Comcast guy knock on my door a couple of weeks ago trying to sign me up. When I explained that I had FiOS phone and internet and DirecTV for TV he asked what I was paying. Told him price wasn't the issue. I wanted what I wanted and that included fast uploads and lots of HD hockey. Comcast offers neither.

He respected what I had to say but told me that I was in a very small group that didn't care about cost and that dollars was the first question he gets from almost everyone.

Franklin Square, NY
You are correct, most people switch just to save a buck. Everyone on this board is in the minority.