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Chicago, IL
reply to Warzau


The NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. all have seminars and counseling around money and saving, investing, not being stupid, etc. But these are - as the cliche goes - DUMB JOCKS. Not all of them are like that.

My Brother is an actor. He talks about actors who take a role in a sitcom for a year or two and parlay that into a retirement fund and a nice life without all the stupid Hollywood bullshit. Others want that lifestyle and burn through it. The actors who are smart can do the roles they want to - the idiots end up doing ads or infomercials or whatever. At least they can work into their 40s.

Pro athletes tend to be pampered. In baseball the Latin guys who often grew up really really poor tend to sock it away. In the NBA and NFL the phony "amateur" status the college jocks have is detrimental to their ability to figure it out. They are given everything, have to work for nothing except their football or basketball skills, and think it'll last forever even though it's clear that they are all a torn ACL away from being broke.

Finally there is the posse issue. Derrick Rose is smart - he isn't letting the idiots from his old hood screw him up - but that's one reason why teams are reluctant to draft hometown guys - the posse. Think about Eddy Curry when he was with the Bulls. These are 21 (or younger) year old kids.. What would you have done with $5 million when you were 20? I'd like to believe I would be responsible, but who knows?

Finally, these guys often have extended families to support. And they are given a guilt-trip like you wouldn't believe. Often they blow it on their own family, which is the right thing to do but you have to be smart and prudent, something these guys tend not to be.
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