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Inside your computer
Corpus Christi, TX

[TWC] Corpus Christi area and the UBEE DVW3201B

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Took this one with my phone as the digital camera pic came out too fuzzy
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So I finally got one and sharing my experience. When the installer first showed up he tried to explain to me that they were not handing them out anymore so I asked why and he said because in our area they were having problems with the wireless and I proceeded to tell him I don't use it as I have my own router. Anyway I managed to con him in to going to get one so he left and came back about 25 minutes later. He then went to adjust the cables outside and replace the ends because I guess they were old and bad or something, both of our drops had been here since about 2003 or so.

Anyway to my setup woes. The only problem I had was getting my router to work with this thing, at first after I switched the modem to bridge mode I couldn't get anything. Anyway to shorten the rest of the story I ended up having to do a hard reset of my router to get everything up and running as power cycling it or the modem wouldn't do it.

I also attached a couple of pictures to show people that have not yet seen this thing to see how big it is. It's roughly the same width as the non phone modem version but is slightly taller and longer. The light on the far left of the modem is the one for the battery, its real nice you can actually see the battery stats like the charge percentage and such, the phone actually works when you unplug it from the wall power. The old D2 dinosaur ones never worked when it lost AC power.