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Bethlehem, GA
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Re: Zoom 5341G (4x4) vs Zoom 5341J (8x4)

So this is zoom vs zoom on a comcast? Lets simplify it and say which ever one is the latest model that's the one you buy unless u want to buy a modem that has the present capabilities at best with 4 download channels but what if we go 8 then what do ya do? Yeeeeep go buy the latest model.Although I understand your proud of your equipment because my new SB6121 looks very nice........sitting rt beside my SB6120 because they are exactly the same only a different case,if I had to give a slight edge in performance I would have to give it to the SB6120 at this point with both having the same software so it all boils down for buying for the future instead of what u can get by with.Just like routers I have heard that some hung the moon and every dang one I have used are all the same the only difference in some is getting it connected and the wireless section but what matters most in the router remains the same.I think some ppl buy stuff for this big price and they are drunk from the purchase and think its all this and that but the ethernet switch is still the same.The performance for the most part comes from the service provider,if you have a crappy connection then their is not a piece of network equipment in this world you will be impressed with its like putting a new carb on a wore out engine.

Cool Cat
Happy Valley

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You do realize that the 5341J is an 8 x 4 modem that is priced comparably to current 4 x 4 modems.



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reply to JPnATL

It was $69.00 shipped for me and, from my experience, it performs significantly better over the older 5341G.

Furthermore, this is not really a comparison of a Zoom modem vs a Zoom modem. This is a comparison of the original DOCSIS chipset made by Texas Instruments and the newer chipset made by Broadcom.

Lastly, having 8 bonded downstream channels helps with congestion during the more demanding periods throughout the day.