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Need one way satellite covering for Africa,Europe

Hello,here who can tell me which satellite can offer a powerful beam particularly over africa(Togo,Ghana...etc),we want to use it for transfer some data to these two area.no matter for the signal of DVB-S,but we only want to use Ku band or C band sat dish.

If anyone can do that,pls contact me ASAP. MSN/E-mail: ortonx80@hotmail.com , the following is our tech requirements:

BandWith: 256Kbps, only need one way;

Send data Type: Private msg for each Client(Simply Mail service On Device), RSS Data, Firmware Sw, Weather and Company News. By Text

Client Device Type: DVB-S,S2 receiver

Thank you very much!!!!

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
I believe you'd get a better response posting at »www.satsig.net/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB ··· /YaBB.pl . But you may have a misunderstanding about what one-way satellite internet actually is. It's not the same as satellite TV for example. Whereas the one-way satellite internet customer does in fact only receive from the satellite, there must be a return link to complete the telecommunications loop. Television doesn't need such a loop, but internet service does. And that return link is typically telephonic, most commonly dial-up. I could see that requirement being somewhat problematic in areas of Togo and Ghana.

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