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AT&T Surcharges & Fees on Home Phone Services

Can anyone share with me what surcharges and fees they are being charged with AT&T Home Phone services?

From what I can see they charge both Local and Long Distance individually with some of the exact fees. Additionally, they are showing a Federal Subscriber Line Fee - I know the FCC tops this at $6.50 but what do they charge you?



Saint Louis, MO
I feel your pain. I posted this link a month or so ago regarding all the BS fees and taxes. I ended up dumping the home phone all together.

»Dump ATT home phone & just keep DSL?


San Jose, CA
He didn't mention any pain.

I think it's a good idea not to treat taxes and surcharges and fees as a personal offense. And it doesn't matter whether the taxes add up to a high or low percentage of the base charges. Just add it all up and decide whether what you get from them is worth the total. If not, don't dump the service in disgust or boycott AT&T to teach them (or the government) a lesson. Just choose not to buy the product.

Toward that end, if I had access to my bill now, I'd post those amounts, but I don't.


Saint Louis, MO

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Living in CA you're probably used to paying high taxes. 57% was my limit. I don't take them as a personal offense. However, since an overwhelming majority of every tax dollar taken in by federal, state, and local taxing entities are WASTED, at some point people have to realize the beast must be starved to be put back into check. That's just for the wired line. I'll pay nearly 25% on the wireless service.

Maybe you like funding waste, fraud, abuse. Maybe you like funding cell phones for the 'poor' while they enjoy their alcohol, cigs, vices, govt funded cheese, etc., all the while they chat on their 'free' cell phone. It's possible you like driving on crumbling roads and bridges that are left that way because govt has pissed or gave away the money intended for these projects.

America is doomed due to the growing entitlement culture alive and well today and the money needed to fund it.