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Tavistock NJ
reply to FFH5

Re: Here is the official AT&T news release by them

So what does T-Mobile do?
The one major exception to that is Dish Network, which has been publicly saying that it would partner with T-Mobile if the AT&T deal fell through. Dish has its own spectrum and has been itching to aggressively dive into the mobile space, so a deal with T-Mobile or eventually, an outright purchase may be the most logical conclusion. I doubt the price tag would be as high the second time around, though.

Another realistic option is for Deutsche Telekom to sell off T-Mobile piecemeal: a few assets could go to AT&T, others to Verizon or Sprint and others to regional carriers like Leap. This approach would likely not be as lucrative as the outright purchase but it would produce some revenues.
Dish buying TMO would be an interesting development, but TMO selling off pieces would be quicker and have less regulatory involvement.
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