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Random Freezing, Audio Loss, and Pixelation

Random Freezing, Audio Loss, and Pixelation on VOD reset the router, ont and dvr. Changed spiltters and cable ends. Switched routers unless i had two bad routers. Signal is high going in to my DVR. I have not seen the Random Freezing, Audio Loss, and Pixelation on regular TV. ANy Ideas


Plano, TX
Last year we also had those problems on VOD. They replaced our ONT with a new one and our router with a Westell instead of the old Actiontec, and it's 99% better now. Our ONT and router were the originals they installed years ago.

We're not in Kansas anymore
Virginia Beach, VA
reply to Blofeld
Lately, I have noticed that the channels will freeze, then to go to black. Hitting the channel down key once, then back up restores the video and audio. Has anyone else see this? This is on normal channels, not VOD. Mostly with Discovery channels.


reply to Blofeld
just recived my new/refub router My Rev F had an sn of SS the new one has an sn of CS why the change?


Township Of Washington, NJ
reply to stevek1949
I have a similar problem on VHO7.
HD channels some times freeze for a few seconds then goes back to normal.
Sometimes the whole screen macroblocks for a half second before the video returns.
It happens on all STB's so it makes me wonder if it's an issue at the ONT or the coax runs need to be replaced?


Pittsburgh, PA
I have been having this same issue ever since I upgraded to the 7232. It happens on every channel, so I dont think it is the feed from that particular station. All of my coax lines are new (within 2 years) so I don't believe that to be the problem either. It's very annoying as it seems to always happen at an important part of a show.


Newtown, PA
^^ Exact same problem for me (VHO-8). I also have the 7332.

It's every day, without fail and of the channels that I watch, it's every channel. It happens often. And, it's annoying as hell!
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Carrollton, TX
I also get pixelation on all stations. Some channels seem worse. Fox in particular. I thought it might be the external drive, but happens on external and internal drive. i have two 7232 DVRs on one coax. signal is good on both. seems to have started with the upgrade to img 1.9, but it may have been happening before.


Maybe the all 7232 are defective? Does your have the EngeryStar Logo on it?


reply to kennye
ONT, Wire and Box router were replaced and still going on, Tonight VOD just stoped all together (VOD error 191) VOD is not watchable anymore. Thinking of going back to cable or maybe Direct. The only probelm with direct no Internet or Phone.