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Re: [OOL] Cisco 851 Router - How to disable DHCP

To repeat you still need a "router" behind the Cisco 851.

Internet - Cable Modem - Cisco 851 - Your Router - Network (switch - Network).

Don't even think of the Cisco 851 as being there, think of it like extended ports for the cable modem.

If you want a few server directly facing the internet you'll have to provision them manually with static IPs and plug those into the LAN ports on the Cisco 851. You wont be able to access them via your private LAN however, only via their public (static) IP addresses. If you want them on your LAN then you'll need dual LAN cards (most server have this) setup or a router and setup port forwarding to those machines in the routers config.

Parsippany, NJ

Are we sure that the Cisco is not blocking anything? Like I said, my VPN no longer works. This is how I have it setup.

Cable Modem>Cisco 851>Linksys Router

This is the identical setup I had before with the exception of the new Cisco 851 being in between that modem and Linksys router. None of the settings have changed on my Linksys. I will try reconfiguring VPN on my server and see if it makes a difference. But so far IIS and Exchange have no problems with ports 80 and 25 open. That is why I find it odd that VPN doesn't work, but I have nowhere else I can modify port 1723.

I found this online. »www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collate···9a9.html


Lindenhurst, NY

I am running vpn here at work just fine with an optimum business connection. Either cablevision is blocking that port on your node or you have a configuration issue.

The cisco router is not blocking anything.


Ronkonkoma, NY
·Optimum Online

That port is not blocked in the modem, and ports are not blocked in the router. There's only 10-15 ports blocked, and you can open 7 in total with Static IP, all of which are shown on the web page (check the Static IP section rather than just the Boost section on Optimum's page if you only see 25 & 80).