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Reno, NV
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Please update the FAQ. It seems lots has changed in 18 months.

I am trying to order internet from » ··· ndex.jsp It shows the new Motorola NVG510 modem in the promotional information. When I continue to order, I am shown that there will be a $149 professional installation fee for even the lowest speed tier. Why? I've read that 12Mbps or less can be a self-install.

Here's a bit about my neighborhood:

I first got DSL about 10 years ago from the CO - about 16,000' away.

A few years later I switched to a RT about 7600' away and was able to get up to 3Mbps.

A few years ago a VRAD was installed about 4100' away. Though I wasn't able to get U-verse services, I now qualified for the 6Mbps DSL service from the RT - I assume due to line conditioning in my area that they did along with the U-verse roll-out.

This year pair bonding in my neighborhood allowed me to get U-verse service - I qualify for up to 18Mbps internet speed (24Mbps is not available).

I'm not interested in U-verse TV nor phone, just internet. So when I try to order internet, am I really just getting internet only from the VRAD - thus requiring professional installation since they probably need to re-wire me to the VRAD?

What are the distance requirements from the RT/IP-DSLAM to be able to get the 12Mbps or 18Mbps speeds?

Would I get the NVG510 modem if I was connected to the RT, the VRAD or either? I hate the 2Wire RG, and can't believe it's still only Wireless G.
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