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Meridian, MS

T1 voice and data problems

hello my company has an Integrated T-1 through a company called Cavalier www.cavtel.com

the problem is that sometimes, not all the time, when we are downloading something, the service seems to bug out.

for example:

I download a printer driver from hp.com, i notice its downloading at 175kbs and if i check the phone its all crackling and popping and the other computers in my office will get disconnected from msn messenger and they can't surf.

ounce that download is finished or I cancel it everything returns to normal.

I have called Cavalier many times and they tell me we are using too much bandwidth.

I don't understand, it's not like I can tell there modem not to use what's there. isn't that the modems QoS job?


Vanleer, TN
if you have a T1 and are getting 175 kbs you are using the full pipe , so if you have Voip on the same pipe it will suffer UNLESS you set up QOS and implement it , sound like you just have the pipe with no settings set up for QOS , thats something you need to do on your end if you want your VOIP to have higher rpiority , as far as other surfing your sharing a T1, if all of them download you'll see the connection suffer, doesn't take much nowadays to bring a t1 to a crawl