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Laserjet disconnects SBG900

I have a wireless SBG900 modem with a HP Laserjet 2300N attached to the ethernet port.

The LJ has a static address out of the routers IP assignable range.

Everything works fine, except that when the printer is turned on by pressing the power button, the router disconnects every wireless connection it has for about 1 or 2 minutes, then everything goes back to normal.

It is a real nuissance, because everytime someone in the house turns on the printer, everybody gets disconnected, which can be a problem if you're downloading a file for example.

Does anyone one has any idea of what is happening and if it can be avoided?

I recall (maybe I'm wrong) when I first setup the printer in my network it never happened. When it started, first I restored the modem to factory settings and it worked again for some time, but then the problem reappered. I don't want to revert to factory settings because there are many things to manually restore (admin password, opening certain ports, etc).

Thanks in advance

Cool Cat
Happy Valley
Question: Why are you manually turning the printer on? Can't you leave it on and let the printer just spool the print jobs on demand?

If for some reason you can't leave it on or it's by choice, try not assigning it a static IP. Try letting the printer just pull one from the pool.


The only way I found for windows to print on it is to assign a static IP address. If I try using the printer name or dhcp it doesn't prints.

Anyway I gave your suggestion a chance, changed to DHCP and it got a new ip address, but when turned on again the modem diconnected wireless clientes again.

Poway, CA
Is it only the wireless clients that are being disconnected, or is the entire SBG900 rebooting? If it is the latter situation, most likely the AC line voltage is dropping due to the current being drawn by the printer when it is first turned on.

Solutions would include powering the modem from another circuit that does not feed the printer or running the modem from a UPS (since the SBG900 draws hardly any current, a small, inexpensive UPS would be sufficient).