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Dubuque, IA
reply to IowaMan

Re: [MN] History channel HD turned in to encore action HD

said by IowaMan:

Is Mediacom simply sending the ATSC signal over the system and that is why I get the guide data to pop up on my tv?

Will mediacom do that for ESPN, Big Ten etc?

No, they are not sending ATSC - it is being converted to QAM before it goes out over the system. But the original ATSC signals already contain the needed PSIP programming "TV guide data" frames, and all Mediacom needs to do is substitute the virtual channel piece to match the new QAM channel, and send it on. In other words, minimal effort on the part of Mediacom. For all the other Family channels, however, there is much more effort involved, as they would need to generate the programming information in the first place, as that is not coming with signal over the satellite. And since Mediacom is already providing TV-guide information you can get over their STB and the gateway, a system for which they get money to cover the costs, they don't need to do it for the clear-QAM signals.