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New York, NY
reply to matt5

Re: [memory] PC3-10700 (667 MHz) ram?

said by matt5:


Um the what?

what is DDR - Double Data Rate is a data rate that is twice the clock rate. Data is strobed (during a read or write operation) on both the rising-edge and falling-edge of the clock.


Double data rate synchronous dynamic random-access memory (DDR SDRAM)

So what am I wrong about? DDR... double data rate... aka... what cpu-z shows x 2 for the speed.

Dual-channel-enabled memory controllers utilize two 64-bit data channels. Dual channel should not be confused with double data rate (DDR), in which each memory module is accessed twice per clock. The two technologies are independent of each other and many motherboards use both, by using DDR memory in a dual channel configuration.
Yep you got confuse.


Lagrangeville, NY
Um not, the OP asked about the speed being different in CPU-z than the rated 1333, that is because of it being DDR ram.

Also the OP asked about channels, 1155 (ops socket) does not support tri channel only dual, however as you JUST posted... that has no bearing on the clock speed (DDR).

So no, I am not confused, tri channel ram is not 1333 / 3 for a CPU-z number of 444mhz. tri channel ram still shows up as 665mhz. Now if you can show me it NOT then fine, I'm wrong... I will admit, never was hands on with a 1366 rig (never could justify the cost of one to anyone)

OP has two distinct questions, one is because of the ram type being DDR, (the clock speed) the other is the tag of "dual channel" the reason for this is socket 1155 does not run tri, ONLY 1366 (desktop market) ran tri, and the new 2011 socket runs quad.


New York, NY
I will let you figure it out what you type wrong.

Any way, Happy Holidays.


Lagrangeville, NY
Indeed, same to you!