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Lawrence, KS
reply to 88615298

Re: White spaces

said by 88615298:

Ummm that's my point Einstein. These devices can make OTA signals completely unwatchable if some moron uses these devices on a TV channel in my area. Thus FORCING people here to have to pay for cable or satellite. The FCC knows this wil happen in many places. They want to kill OTA TV and thus by making it harder to view and forcing people toward pay TV services they can steal spectrum and give it at&t and Verizon. Too bad not too many can see this scam for what it's for.

First, lose the pejorative tone, both toward me and the FCC. This is not some grand conspiracy to take away your OTA DTV.

Now, did you read what I wrote in my post? Did you understand the concept of service level contours? Did you view the contour maps from the FCC database that I linked?

Camden is outside of the established service contours for six of the eight Nashville DT stations. If my understanding of FCC broadcasting regulations is correct, then those six DT stations are not entitled to interference protection in Camden because Camden is outside of their licensed markets, respectively. That you may be able to "DX" some Nashville DT channels beyond their service contours is nothing more than serendipity and not entitled to interference protection.