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Re: [DIRECTV] DVR Recording Questions

Things are not going well.
First the guy shows up with only 2 HD receivers. He tells me that's all his work order shows. I tell him he is supposed to have 2 HD receivers and the whole home DVR. He doesn't have that on his truck and in fact he said it's so new he's never even seen it before.
A call to Directv and the operator tells me the work order only shows 2 HD receivers. I then ask her why I was charged for the Home DVR system and to check what I actually ordered. She does and agrees I am supposed to get the Home DVR system.
She then tells me in order to get that system, I "have to have a Samsung TV". I was floored! I explained to her that information is incorrect and if it was why wasn't I told that before ordering it? I then explain this to the tech who tells me the operator is wrong...of course.
So here I am with 2 HD receivers (he's still working on getting them working...very foggy/overcast day) and no DVR like I ordered. What's even better is he has no idea where he can get this new Home DVR system since his home office doesn't have it and he's never even seen it before.
I'd rather deal with the crappy UVers HD and be able to record shows than not have DVR capability at all.

The saga continues...
Not only does Jesus save, but he makes nightly off-site backups.