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DLink DVA-G3810 - Unlocked Firmware? Found way to upload fw.

A buddy just gave me his old D-Link DVA-G3810 box after switching to Terago, which is branded by telus and has the default admin/telus credentials.

Every port is enabled except the VOIP "Phone" port and the coax "HPNA" port.

So I looked online and found:

»tsd.dlink.com.tw/downloads2008de ··· tail.asp

Inside this TAR file there are:
1. openrg.img
2. openrg.rmt
3. rg_factory

I am wondering if:
1. This firmware has EVERYTHING enabled. I sort of have a doubt because when I cracked open the rg_factory file, it has some Telus information inside it, like a secure link to Telus ACS site, along with usernames and password-hashes to login to Telus ACS, surprisingly this was found on the Taiwanese-DLINK site!

2. If someone has tried this one already, do you upload the entire tar file to the router? Or do you load file 1 (openrg.img) or 2 (openrg.rmt)?


In-case some have not figured out how to upload firmware since it is disabled in the admin pages, here are the steps:

(Steps Derived From: »wiki.openwrt.org/toh/dlink/dva-g ··· 810bn-tl)

1. Plug your computer's NIC into the WAN port of the G3810.

2. Choose an IP address on the subnet, for your NIC, anything FREE EXCEPT (e.g. would work)

3. Turn the router off, and with a pin, hold the reset button, and turn the unit on, don't let go of reset until the power turns green.

4. You should now be able to ping

5. Point your browser to », you will be greeted with this:

Update Software

Step 1: Obtain an updated software image file from your ISP.

Step 2: Enter the path to the image file location in the box below or click the "Browse" button to locate the image file.

Step 3: Click the "Update Software" button once to upload the new image file.

NOTE: The update process takes about 2 minutes to complete, and your DSL Router will reboot.

Software File Name: [BROWSE] [UPDATE SOFTWARE]