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Fort Wayne, IN

[FiOS] Any current promos or specials for FiOS ? (time to renew

Is there anything specific that I should ask for when I call to renew my service this week? Any magic words or phrases would be appreciated.

Or is there a dedicated 800# or department to request? (Admitttedly, the few times that I have called, they all appear to be knowledgeable).

I currently have FiOS Triple Play (Essentials, Extreme HD, & 25/15), but I would consider dropping the telephone if the savings was significant. My 'Price Protection' ends in January and based on what I have heard from family, I expect to lose the Save/Winback/Valued Customer Credit. Should I expect any other 'surprises', i.e. increased dvr fees?

Thanks for your input.


Burnt Out Cynic

Re: [FiOS] Any current promos or specials for FiOS ? (time to r

No idea for your area, but this site has information on our fios services. Nothing really special. They don't seem to be too interested in making any great saves, but might just offer their current bundles. At least they usually keep the same price for two years, other providers like Comcrap might give you six months to a year of discount, and another year of contract at full price, possibly not even letting current customers get back on a discount bundle. Six one way, half a dozen the other.

Just call before your rate changes to avoid the regular non-contract rates.
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Fort Wayne, IN
·Frontier FiOS
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I have 15/5 internet only and was paying 49.99/month until recently. Just happened to check frontier's website last month and they had it advertised for 35.99. Took a bit but i got the current pricing + 5.00 for stand alone service on m2m. As I don't do PayTV(OTA and torrents), I can't advise on promos. I used to have Dish and was extremely satisfied with the service as it was cheaper than Comcast and FiosTV at the time.


Fort Wayne, IN

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Re: [FiOS] Any current promos or specials for FiOS ? (time to re

Just to follow-up ...

I did call Wednesday evening (Dec 28).

The agent I spoke with said that (for Fort Wayne) they no longer offer a Triple Play. The bundle now is telephone and internet together, with video service as a separate item. There is no change in the voice & data prices, but TV will increase by $30 as announced last winter. There is no change in equipment rental fees.

I couldn't get a clear answer about contracts or price protection, only the usual "Frontier is committed to FiOS" that they are probably required to say. I don't believe they tell their staff much about anticipated changes so that they can truthfully parrot the company line. He said that at this time last year, when we were all excited/angry about the $30 increase, the staff learned of it from the media before they heard it internally.

I asked about dropping the phone, but was told that internet service is discounted in the bundle and that the standalone price of web w/o phone was $64 [25/25] which is within $3 of the bundle price. Any savings would be in the many taxes placed on land line phones (my words, not his).

I would estimate that the call lasted 15+ minutes and I never felt that he was in a hurry to get me off the line (as you may find with many call centers). And he said that he made a note to check on my bill after the TV price changes to make sure that what he told me held true.

So I guess I'm happy - I expect that I'll keep FiOS TV as long as its offered.

OT, sort-of. here's a possible development that we FTR FiOS TV customers may want to keep an eye on ...



Edmonds, WA

25/25 is $44 in Washington and Oregon. Triple Play starts at $109 per the web site. Why is it different in Indiana? Ask Frontier.

Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN

said by EdmondsFios:

Why is it different in Indiana? Ask Frontier.

Because authorities here don't have spines and allowed Frontier to jack up the rates where IIRC they haven't/won't be implemented in the Pacific Northwest yet.