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reply to Naterator

Re: Ignorance and the herd mentality

said by Naterator :

for every action there is a reaction, a basic law of nature.. What is the reaction of our actions?

It is not a "Law of Nature" it's Newtons Third Law of motion. It is an observation of the way mechanical forces act upon objects. It's not, nor was it ever meant to be, some metaphysical rule about the universe. There in all likelihood will be no measurable or significant "reaction of our actions".

If you have no understanding of science, don't presume to talk about it.


So you are dismissing the Laws of Nature? and yes the laws of motion apply, Do you think a wifi signal does not move? Do you think radio waves to not vibrate your eardrums? (heance makes your body move). You dont think protons and atoms move? I think you need to go back to science class. If you want to try to dismantle his proven law then you have alot of work ahead of you.


reply to Bor
On last thing, in all likelihood can you measure a reaction to your actions. flick your cup of coffee.. See what happens. Now flick it harder (3rd grade science buddy)