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Looking at the bigger picture
reply to ahhnold

Re: Ignorance and the herd mentality

said by ahhnold:

Wifi, cellphone and other radio waves are classified as non-ionizing radiation. Its main interaction effect with biological tissues is heat transfer. No peer reviewed scientific studies have shown evidence to the contrary at current usage/exposure levels. The hundreds of millions (now billions) of cellphones and wifi access points in operations throughout the world for the past 10+ years don't contradict those studies either.

This is pretty basic stuff and if people are this easily influenced it makes me wonder how much farther society can advance ...

While it is true that radio waves are classified as non-ionizing radiation, there are actually MANY peer reviewed studies showing harmful biological effects from sub-thermal levels of exposure. Even the FCC admits this:

said by 'FCC' :
More recently, other scientific laboratories in North America, Europe and elsewhere
have reported certain biological effects after exposure of animals ("in vivo") and animal tissue
("in vitro") to relatively low levels of RF radiation. These reported effects have included
certain changes in the immune system, neurological effects, behavioral effects, evidence for a
link between microwave exposure and the action of certain drugs and compounds, a "calcium
efflux" effect in brain tissue (exposed under very specific conditions), and effects on DNA.

The FCC also admits that they know nothing about the health or safety of RF exposure and it defers the matter to industry groups (IEEE, ANSI).