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reply to TSI Gabe

Re: IPv6 beta

Anybody having issues getting an ipv6 IP with the Tomato ipv6 firmware in this thread?

For the life of me, I can no longer get an IP, even following the steps I posted on page 10.


No IPv6 here either. I rebooted the router, checked the settings, etc. No luck. All I get is IPv4.

I never made any changes after I set it up following your advice on page 10 with that WAN Up script in mid-February.
»Re: IPv6 beta


OK, so I'm not only the one. I was thinking maybe it was the router, but it seems like something is going on at Teksavvy's end. I even had them issue me a new ipv6 ip for @copperdsl.ca login. I guess we are SOL since it's still beta, and not supported.

I just started using a tunnel broker again (gogo.net). I'll guess have to continue using it until this gets sorted out.