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Collegeville, PA

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Re: Not VZ, but someone else?

The phrase "if you build it they will come" comes to mind. If you build a network and offer speeds in excess of what people need and want today, innovation will come and find uses for it.

It wasn't long ago that the average home user didn't have a home network and was streaming Netflix, but that's changed today thanks to the advances in technology.

Of course we could have "gotten by" with dial up, 1 PC in the house, and cell phones with voice only and no touchscreens...

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
Except that the average home broadband connection is designed primarily for content consumption.

I think some of you have the idea that you are supposed to be able to run things like servers on a residential connection. That would be pretty much the only scenario where you need constantly fast high upload.

Even online backup doesn't need a fast upload connection. You're not doing full backups every night.
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