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Re: How to put Sagemcom 2864 in bridge mode?

Well, it actually seems to have worked! I successfully bridge my Linksys E3200 with my Sagemcom f@st 2864 and did not suffer any reduction in speed (wired). Wireless varies.


How is your router connected to the modem? Modem WAN to router WAN, or modem LAN to router WAN?


Toronto, On
said by newBell :

How is your router connected to the modem? Modem WAN to router WAN, or modem LAN to router WAN?

modem LAN to router WAN. modem WAN is to connect to a fibre optic device via ethernet cable.


Hey guys , I'm ok with pppoe coming from Sage 2864 but my question is if I set up an untangle box with modem pppoe do I need to follow the same steps ?

I'm worried i'll create a double nat, or somehow degrade my lan.

Should I just get untangle to handle PPPOE or is it really all the same as far as network traffic speeds?

I'd rather not give bell access to my LAN , I hate the idea that bell can at anytime see my devices etc while using theire modem as dhcp server. Can I just disable dhcp ? Is that a way to keep PPOE on the modem but have my router handle all devices etc ?


Markham, ON
You can PPPoE through the Sagemcom from your router without issue, without putting it into an official bridge mode (if there even is one). You won't have double NAT, your router will receive an IP from Bell, and I haven't seen any issues with getting "half" the rated speed.

If you later look at the Sagemcom's logs, there's entries such as "Passthrough session opened" whenever an external PPPoE connection is made.

With that said, the Sagemcom still insists on making its own PPPoE session at the same time, even if you blank out the connection details - because it then auto-fills with functional defaults. They need to add a way to properly disable PPPoE on this thing... or they're going to run out of IPs assigning two to anyone with a "real" router!


I agree , it's just assumed that the average customer wants all in one set up i.e. wifi , and router.

There isn't any focus on us consumers that realize for one how unsafe it is to trust really god knows whomever is behind that remotely accessible router .

There should be an updated firmware that will essentially allow complete bridge mode, passing along the public IP leaving the Sagemcom in "dummy mode".

In my case PPOE establishing on Untangle isn't recommended as certain apps will not function properly. It's recommended to get the public IP from the ISP modem. Go figure.