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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..

Horrible customer service

I tried ordering the Xfinity Internet 2go last year and the reps were clueless on how to place the order. I tried ordering the 3G MiFi which the rate sheet said $25 with agreement and the reps said it was $125. Then I get a rep who seemed to know the facts and I went ahead and ordered the MiFi and they send me the USB modem instead. It was kind of a bait and switch scam (which is illegal in Massachusetts). Fortunately I canceled the Xfinity internet 2go within the 30 day customer guarentee and ended up going with Verizon Wireless for my mobile broadband needs instead. They offer new and exciting products but they make it impossible to order them as the reps are not trained prior to offering the services for sale to the public. That should be a clue to their bad customer service.
All of my CPE (including my EMTA) is customer owned. The only Comcast owned equipment in my house is the CableCards in the two TiVO boxes I own.