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tim tim tim

Lutz, FL

FTTH not needed for a while..

You guys realize that there ARE ways to offer higher upload speeds to customers with docsis 3. The need/demand isn't there which is why its not being done. Just with 4 16qam upstream channels you can reliably do about 10mb up consistently. Many companies are employing or testing 32 and 64 qam upstream channels which will allow even more. When they really get hungry for upload they can replace that diplex filters set around 50mhz up wherever they want it, dump analog 2,3,4,5 etc and bond several more channels together AND start getting away from the noise issues found in the sub low band and even potentially offer 256qam upstream channels.

The potential and technology are there, Its just not cheap and its not needed yet. Of course, the 10 of you on here will argue that it is needed but think of the other 99% of internet users and what they are doing. There not going to spend tens of millions on the 1%


Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS
said by tim tim tim:

You guys realize that there ARE ways to offer higher upload speeds to customers with docsis 3.

Docsis is fully capable of 240mbits down and 120-160( I think 160 up is Euro docsis 3)...

**however, the market forces outside of the pitiful competition we see with Verizon and Cablevision (NY metro) are just not going anywhere but to a stagnation of paying more and getting less. the cable industry will have to face up to their challenge of cannibaizing VIDEO services to move forward with their business model-- much in the same way PART of telco did with cannibalizing "COMMERCIAL GRADE & HIGH QUALITY QOS" ISDN/long distance ethernet services over copper/fiber lines in the past by deploying similar services to residential customers.

For that to move forward, alot of top managment at AT&T and Comcast would have to no longer be with the company for this to happen. I can think of several ways for that to happen.. many are not quite nice for them.. and I'd rather stay on topic. You can also consider a 3rd carrier entering the race should this stagnation of duopoly continue for too long a time-- then docsis nearly becomes irrelevant. A new company would most likely choose FTTP for a new build. Docsis 3 was not meant to compete with 500-1000mbits to the home symmetrical fiber.