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Re: [Equipment] How can I run 650' of cable from my house to my

Have a look at my posts in this thread
»Need to locate cpe 500-600ft from house/power, options?

It uses one cat5 cable for ethernet, and two of the pairs for positive, and then negative runs on the fence wire. 19 volts goes in from a laptop power supply brick, and it powers an airgrid M5 at the top, along with 2x 5 port ethernet switches to act as repeaters along the way.

That solution was something i did on the cheap about 2 years ago. Still works very well.

650m is 198 metres. Ethernet is only spec'd to go 100m. So you will need an ethernet switch (12 to 24v) about half way to act as a repeater.

So my suggestion would be two runs of outdoor aerial cat5 with a load bearing messenger wire.

In the first cat5 cable, use the green and orange pairs for the auctual ethernet. These will go through the switch / repeater at half way.

Also in the first cat5 cable, use the brown and blue pairs, with the blue pairs from the second ethernet cable to run the positive.

In the second ethernet cable, use the brown, green and orange pairs to run the negative.

At the half way point, the ethernet pairs go into RJ45 plugs and go through the ethernet switch. At the same time, the + and - pairs are bonded respectivley so that if a pair does get cut along the way, power flows around it, and also the + and - are tapped into for powering the ethernet switch repeater.

At the far end, the +, - and ethernet pairs are bonded respectivley and joined into one cat5 cable going into the CPE radio.

By using multiple pairs for the positive and negative, you are virtually increasing the thickness of the wire carrying the power. By increasing the thickness, you decrease the resistance. So 24 volts of power will go much further along the wire, if the wire is thicker.

You probably wont be able to use the power supply that came with the CPE device, but most electronic stores sell a 2 amp 24v wall wart transformer, or even just an old laptop power supply will work.

If you properly install the cat5 cable by putting hooks into the tree trunks along the way, and use outdoor grade cat5 with the messenger wire, i see no reason why this wouldnt work.

You will probably need to install the cable runs yourself, with about 5m hanging down at the half way point so that the cables can be spliced into and a box installed, it should work well.

Do you know how to make or wire up a cat5 cable and use a crimper? If so i can draw a wiring diagram and you will probably be able to do the bulk of it yourself and test with a laptop at the far end. Then just get the WISP to install their radio as they normally would and plug it into your wiring system.

This all of course assumes that their CPE radio runs on 12 to 24 volts.