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Ambler, PA
reply to mushmouth

Re: re

Dear sir,

1st, they installed it when i was not home and w/o my knowledge.

How is verizon supposed to know what you have buried in your yard?
They wouldn't, and to answer your question, Verizon should have notify their customer that they would be digging through the front yard, and not blindly go forward with something like this w/o notifying their customer.

If they had notify me, then obviously I would have given them the plan of what is under my front yard.

Thank you sir for asking a dumbass question.

not true

you are full of crap....everybody knows that ALL utilities are marked BEFORE verizon installs. Go lie somewhere else!

troll hunter

Utilities are marked. If they are independant electrical lines they may not be. Ask an electrician before your start mouthing off.
« Don't get FIOS
This is a sub-selection from re