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Fort Frances, ON
reply to nunya

Re: [Equipment] How can I run 650' of cable from my house to my

said by nunya:

MoCA 1.1 uses up to 1525 MHz, but 2150 MHz is a common inserter frequency that will foot the bill.

Thanks for doing the legwork. The DC injector spec'd has a bandpass of 2-1450 MHz. Also, one needs to keep in mind that in this application two would be needed in bookends fashion, one as the injector and the other as a picker.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL

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said by LLigetfa:

Thanks for doing the legwork. The DC injector spec'd has a bandpass of 2-1450 MHz.

It's worth noting that those devices uses inductive blocking on the DC side and capacitive coupling to pass the RF, as such the label may say it goes to 1450 Mhz, but I am willing to bet it goes higher, the size of the cap limits the low end pass through frequency but as the frequencies go higher it becomes less relevant and mechanical construction becomes more relevant and the design of that device is a pretty simple “T” without a lot of impedance through the RF path as such it’s losses at 1525 should be quite tolerable..

Also with MoCA the additional bandwidth gained in the newer versions is gained by adding channels at lower frequencies which I believe rev 2.2 has down to 500Mhz as such the higher end is not being pushed even higher.

The larger problem I see with MoCA is in the lab it should handle up to a 60dB link loss, but I am quite willing to bet the manufacturers of the devices knowing it is “in home” networking system may be selling devices that cannot handle those loss levels.

As such, I believe the focus should be on keeping the coax losses to a minimum of at least half that 60dB down rating.

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